Balls for Change

Balls for Change

Balls for Change

Balls for Change

Balls for Change

Balls for Change

Balls for Change

Balls for Change

About Us


Balls with Purpose

WoolyBalls ™ are more than your average dryer ball. Handmade in the USA by survivors of domestic abuse and sex trafficking; our balls are designed to strategically help USA communities lower energy usage from our dryers by 15% - 30%; effectively reducing green house gases and saving considerable amounts of money for the cities they serve. Manufactured with 100% domestic Cradle2Cradle certified wool, sourced from one of Americas most accredited woolen mills. WoolyBalls™ with purpose truly achieve something extraordinary!


Balls to Grow

Extraordinary change is possible when we have the balls to grow. Growth can be easy or it can be hard. It is up to us. When we surround ourselves with people of like mind anything is possible. By hyper-focusing on cities that care about sustainability we can make small steps in reducing carbon emissions that cause global warming. In a small city of 15,000 homes if every home uses 8-10 balls in every dryer load, cost of electricity falls by 1.2 million or 10.8 million kilowatts a year. Imagine every city in America taking the small step to change their drying habits. Mother Earth is designed to grow, only if we grow with her.


Balls to Make a Difference

Change is possible when we do it together. Balls for Change is a socially transformative  initiative with the purpose of taking small steps to achieve a big outcome. Mother Earth needs us to have some balls and change our daily habits. WoolyBalls™ not only help the economically disadvantaged but they serve as a conduit for lowering our daily energy usage. It's hard to make an impact individually, but when we join together with our neighbors we can make a huge difference! Its time to ask yourself, do you have the balls to make a difference? 

How it works


The process of human consciousness is intricate and often confusing. The psychological steps it takes to make and maintain sustainable and impactful change is a primary focus of the initiative. Through understanding personal growth and the expansion of awareness we have created a system to engage multi- generational education coupled with hyper-local marketing while encouraging and rewarding positive life changes and sharing behaviors.   


  • Children
  • School Systems
  • Community engagement
  • Create Jobs
  • Share Balls
  • Reward Efforts
  • Repeat


The children are the future and the world is theirs to inherit. Through sharing Balls For Change™ with our children we empower them to do something for our earth, while teaching them how to live green, starting where they are. Through assemblies and class room education we actively engage children in the most important cause of their lives. Subsequently, Balls For Change™ gives them the power to share solutions with the people in their neighborhoods which teaches important person to person relational skills,  


Once the children are inspired and educated we empower them to engage their communities through an active sharing method. Through a door to door campaign we educate, share and lower our neighbors CO2 emissions one dryer at a time!  Effectively door to door sales will provide a local and sustainable impact for community reduction of CO2, while raising money for local schools.  



Transformation is hard! It can become easier through seeing ourselves and the impact of our daily actions through the eyes of our neighborhood child. Then we can intentionally change while helping our youth with earth friendly solutions for the problems they are inheriting. Consecutively giving them the leadership skills and opportunity to do something about climate change. 


The children of today are the generation most impacted by our changing climate. We must get innovative and help our communities and cities make the changes necessary to not only discuss solutions but to affect them through solutions that warrant results. CO2 can be quantified and Balls For Change™ intends to harness a measurable solution that can be used for generations to come.  


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Balls for Change™

Portland, Oregon, United States